Meet Availability Tool

Note: You will need to login to use this tool.  If you have trouble logging in or if you do not see your child’s name in the list below after doing so, please send an email to to request support. 

Parents, with the exception of freestyle, there is a limit to the number of children who can be placed in events in a single meet.  For this reason, it is imperative that our coaches know who is planning to swim and who is not before they seed each meet.

Please use the Meet Availability tool to inform our coaching staff when your child is expected to participate in a meet during the season.

Click the button(s) next to your child’s name to toggle between your two choices:

  1. “Yes (my child will be swimming in this meet)”
  2. “No (my child will not be swimming in this meet)”

If you hover over a button it will tell you which meet it is for because the header row disappears when you scroll.

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